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University of Richmond Sustainability Advocates (URSA) is an Office for Sustainability student program that empowers students to learn about sustainability at UR, adopt personal actions that reduce their environmental footprint, engage in sustainability events, and support campus sustainability initiatives. Last year, URSA gained 22 new members. 

As part of URSA, you will get exclusive invites to sustainability events, get to know other students passionate about sustainability, and make a difference on campus. There are three easy steps to joining- getting Green Room certified, taking all of our "Be a Green Spider" quizzes, and read the Spiders Guide to Sustainable Living. Read more about each step below and email us at with any questions.

How to Join

Step 1: Get Green Room Certified

The Green Room Certification is designed to help you develop sustainable habits while you're living on campus. You can choose between a room checklist or apartment checklist. Once you've completed the checklist, we'll get in touch with more information about URSA and we'll send you a Green Room sticker.

Get Your Room Certified

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Step 2: Take All Our "Be a Green Spider" Quizzes

Each of these quizzes has information about sustainability on campus and individual actions you can take to save water, conserve energy, and reduce your personal impact. Each quiz should only take a couple minutes.






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Step 3: Read the "Spiders Guide to Sustainable Living"

Next, read through the Spiders Guide to Sustainable Living. This guide is a resource for how to live sustainably on campus and in the greater Richmond community. Learn about how you can make an impact on individual and group levels.

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