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Goats on Campus

We are happy to once again welcome a herd of goats to campus to help clear away unwanted vegetation. Goat browsing is an environmentally-friendly landscape management practice that reduces need for herbicide and gas-powered equipment.

From April 23 to May17, goats from the local business RVA Goats and Honey will be working to clear invasive plants like kudzu, poison ivy, and English ivy from an area between the sorority cottages and the Westhampton Tennis Courts. From May 17 to May31, the goats will clear unwanted vegetation from behind the Modlin Center and Lora Robins. You are welcome to go see the goats, but please do not touch them and do not feed them anything so they can focus on doing their job.

Goats from the local company Goat Busters first helped out with invasive plant removal on campus back in April 2018 during the the first phase of construction for the Gambles Mill Eco-Corridor. The herd cleared unwanted vegetation and invasive plant species in record time and paved the way for the subsequent stream restoration work that will continue through Fall 2019.

Share Your Goat Pics

Tag @beagreenspider and use the hashtag #URGoats for a chance for your photo to be featured on the Office for Sustainability's social media pages!

Using Goats for Your Landscaping Needs

When clearing overgrown areas, goat browsing results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and eliminates the need for herbicides that can harm pollinators. Both companies the University has used for invasive species removal, Goat Busters and RVA Goats and Honey, rent out goats for landscaping at commercial and residential areas. If you're interested in having goats help landscape your yard, you can contact the companies for quotes.

Support Sustainability

Want to sponsor a goat or support Sustainability at Richmond? Click below to check out our goat funding campaign!

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Goats at the Gambles Mill Eco-Corridor