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We believe that sustainability is for everyone. Yet we know it’s not always easy to know what contribution one person can make when faced with global climate change, biodiversity loss, and lack of access to basic needs for millions of people. These global sustainability conundrums can be overwhelming.

At the University of Richmond, we tend to focus on local sustainability initiatives that contribute to the solutions to the bigger issues. Our 205 kW solar array and new campus-wide waste reduction efforts are demonstrations of steps we can take as an institution to support positive change.

We also support sustainability at a third level, that of personal sustainability. Combined with awareness of global sustainability issues and taking action locally, it is essential that we each find our way to contribute to a better tomorrow. Whether you’re a student, a staff member, or part of our faculty, when you choose to Be a Green Spider, you choose to take small steps that collectively have a big impact.

We invite each of you to Be a Green Spider. Try growing some of your own produce in our community garden, read up on how to conserve electricity, help us eliminate the concept of waste on campus, and learn about what it means to eat sustainably.

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