Green Room Program

Interns in the Office for Sustainability developed a Green Room Program that provides a framework for adopting sustainable living habits in residence halls and apartments. Last year, 109 people participated in the Green Room Program. There are two checklists—one for students who live in residence hall rooms and another for those who live in a suite or apartment. Scroll down to whichever checklist matches your living situation and check off the sustainable habits you practice.

Whether you are in a room, suite, or apartment, all roommates should participate in filling out a checklist.

You must answer "yes" to all checklist items to become a certified green room. A member of the Office for Sustainability will contact you via email to provide your "Green Room Certified" sticker along with information on next steps and upcoming sustainability events.

The Green Room Certification is also the first step in joining URSA, University of Richmond Sustainability Advocates. Learn more about URSA and how to join.