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The University of Richmond uses mixed or single-stream recycling on campus. All recyclable materials can go in any blue recycling bin. Recycling is an important piece of the University's sustainability efforts, but remember that reducing and reusing are even more important. Learn more about how to recycle and reduce waste on the Rethink Waste page

The University uses blue recycling bins and black, grey, or tan landfill bins. Please read the labels at drop off locations to ensure that your trash and recycling end up in the correct bin. University of Richmond is committed to an 75% waste diversion rate by 2025 and that is only possible if each faculty, staff, and student do their part to recycle and be a green spider. 

If you have a suggestion for how to improve recycling in an area you use please let us know

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Explore What Can and Cannot Be Recycled on Campus

What can I recycle in general recycling bins on campus?

-Empty aluminum/steel/tin cans

-Empty glass bottles

-Empty plastics #1-#7 (look for a number in the recycling symbol on the plastic - no styrofoam)

-All mixed paper including: envelopes, copy paper, paper bags, chipboard, telephone books, junk mail, books, magazines, cardboard, and newspaper

-Food cartons and cardboard

-Tin and bi-metallic containers (including aerosol cans)

What cannot be recycled in general recycling bins on campus?

-Any material with substantial food debris

-Alkaline batteries (please use battery recycling bin in the lobby of 815 Boatwright) 

-Plastic bags or film

-Styrofoam of any kind

-Light bulbs

-Mirrors, drinking glasses


-Electronics (E-Waste collection occurs each spring)


-Utensils and straws

Where can I recycle plastic bags?

Look for one of the six Trex bins around campus to recycle plastic bags, bubble wrap, produce bags, plastic shipping envelopes, and product overwrap. For every 500 pounds we recycle, we will receive a free bench from Trex. You can find bins in these locations: 

-Tyler Haynes Commons 2nd Floor
-Jepson Hall Ground Floor Entrance
-International Center 3rd Floor
-Dining Hall Lobby
-Post Office Lobby
-North Court Academic First Floor

Where can old electronics be recycled?

To recycle University owned electronics including laptops, PCs, monitors, and printers, call the Information Services Help Desk for information and assistance at (804) 287-6400. The University reuses computers whenever possible. Once a unit has reached the end of its useful life at the University, it is recycled. The recycling process reduces the University's environmental impact from electronics.

For personal electronics, the University has a special collection bin in the lobby of Boatwright Library outside Eight-Fifteen. UR also hosts an e-waste collection each spring.

Where can batteries be recycled?

Call University Facilities for information on rechargeable and other batteries at (804) 289-8600. Alkaline Battery recycling is available in the library entrance outside 8:15 and just inside the bookstore entrance. This program is suspended during the summer.

Can the University recycle furniture?

Yes. Call Procurement and Strategic Sourcing for more information at (804) 287-6827. Students can also donate personal furniture to be sold at the Big Yard Sale.

How can I reduce waste?

-Always carry a reusable water bottle or coffee cup. 

-Keep a scrap paper basket beside printers.

-Always print double-sided. 

-Skip the plastic bag and carry a reusable bag instead. 

-Buy second-hand clothing, furniture, and other items when possible. 

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