Goal 4

Identify and activate organizational systems, resources, partnerships, and processes that support weaving sustainability into the fabric of the University.

In order to be truly woven into the fabric of the University, sustainability must be integrated into the disciplines, departments, and activities beyond which it is traditionally found. The strategies and actions in Goal 4 aim to support cross-functional work that will embed sustainability in all levels of the University. Fulfillment of this goal will expand understanding of sustainability so that it includes more than the environment and increase resources so that individuals and offices can more adeptly contribute to the University’s sustainability goals.

A unified vision from leadership also goes a long way toward integrating sustainability. President Crutcher, who provided input and support throughout the planning process, urged UR to achieve the highest external standard for sustainability in higher education, an AASHE STARS Platinum rating. UR has set an ambitious goal to achieve STARS Platinum within five years. Increased collaboration with administrative offices, academic departments, and functional units will help clarify the value of sustainability and the way each student, staff, and faculty member can contribute to the University’s goals. These efforts will create a lens for sustainability through which all Spiders see themselves as stewards of this great place and the world beyond our campus.

Strategies & Actions

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