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Sustainable Solutions Challenge: Do You Compost?

We need innovative, long-term, behavior changing solutions

The 2021 Sustainable Solutions Challenge focused on the increased quantities of single-use food packaging going to the landfill in response to new safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dining Services and the Office for Sustainability are in the process of implementing a campus-wide composting strategy, including compostable food packaging, across campus retail locations. The 2021 Sustainable Solutions Challenge complemented the composting pilot by providing participating teams with an opportunity to design a solution aimed at increasing participation in the proper disposal of compostable packaging.

Students from all majors were invited to enter the Sustainable Solutions Challenge and pitch their best ideas for addressing the problems associated with proper disposal of single-use packaging and associated food materials in respective bins (i.e. compost or landfill bins). The team with the winning proposal was awarded $500 per team member and is invited to work on the implementation of their solution. 

Congratulations to Ava Cummings '21, Janie Hearden '21, Ellie Ronan '21, and Erin Watton '21 on their winning solution! Their solution can be viewed here


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