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E-Waste Collection

The Office of Sustainability and the Information Services team partner to host an annual E-waste Collection and Recycling event. This event is for University faculty, staff, and students to dispose of personally owned electronic assets. Bring your old computers, printers, and accessories, phones, TVs, and other electronics ready for disposal.

Staff are available at the event to help unload vehicles.

All materials are responsibly recycled or disposed of, and all hard drives are overwritten or shredded to remove personal information.

Through the recycling and reuse of nearly 4000 lbs. of collected items in 2014, this event saved enough electricity to power 27 houses for one year, reduced the equivalent weight of 27 bricks worth of hazardous waste, and eliminated greenhouse gases equivalent to removing three cars from the road.

What is e-waste?

E-waste includes electronic equipment that no longer works or is past its useful life. We will accept your old computers, printers, phones, TVs, and just about anything else with a plug. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals that must be carefully disposed of in order to avoid polluting the environment. Thank you for helping us keep these items out of the landfill.

Information Security 

The company that the University contracts will perform a one-pass overwrite of all hard drives. If a hard drive is unable to be overwritten then they will remove the hard drive and have it shredded.

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