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To provide opportunities for faculty to come together to share and develop ideas, the Office of the Provost supports Faculty Learning Communities from across the University of Richmond’s five schools. Each Faculty Learning Community (FLC) encourages interdisciplinary engagement with projects that are germane to the institution’s mission and the greater good of the University, the City of Richmond, the nation, and the world.

FLC cohorts engage in collaborative year-long projects that reflect the breadth and depth of UR faculty and staff commitment to both producing and expanding the frontiers of knowledge and education for the common good.

Climate Change REMAP


Climate Change REMAP is a sustainability-focused FLC that explores the profound moral, ethical and practical implications of global climate change for human populations. If humanity is to identify appropriate and sustainable solutions to climate change, they must respond in a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary manner. The purpose of this FLC is to explore how the power of liberal education can be used to combat global climate change. This FLC is built upon five imperatives: respond, educate, mitigate, adapt and prevent (REMAP).


Malcolm Hill (Biology)


Rob Andrejewski (Director of Sustainability)

Joel Eisen (Law)

Mary Finley-Brook (Geography and the Environment)

Kristine Grayson (Biology)

Tim Hamilton (Business)

Yvonne Howell (LLC)

David Kitchen (SPCS)

Andy Litteral (Business)

Todd Lookingbill (Geography and the environment)

Elizabeth Outka (English)

Noah Sachs (Law)

Erling Sjovold (Art)

Trey Sutton (Business)

Ladle McWhorter (Philosophy)

Thad Williamson (Jepson Leadership Studies)

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