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Sustainability and Environmental Awareness Committee

The University of Richmond Sustainability and Environmental Awareness Committee (SEAC) is an Administrative Committee approved by the Faculty Senate in June 2016. The committee is advisory in nature and addresses issues that pertain to sustainability at the University of Richmond.

SEAC is charged with identifying strategic opportunities to integrate sustainability into the core functions of the University, including educational, operational, and co-curricular activities. The committee reports to the Provost and Vice President for Business and Finance.


1. To increase the University community's knowledge and understanding of sustainability issues and objectives;
2. To monitor University operations and recommend to the Director of Sustainability, the Vice President for Business and Finance, the Provost, and/or the University Faculty, as appropriate, steps that the University should take to protect and improve conditions that support the health and well-being of people and the natural world.
3. To update, support, and guide the implementation of the University’s Climate Action Plan, which calls for incorporating climate neutrality into the curriculum and educational experiences for all students;
4. To monitor and report progress toward meeting the goals in the Climate Action Plan and the Campus Master Plan;
5. To draft and implement a strategic plan for sustainability that outlines the goals and strategies to build a healthier, more sustainable campus community;
6. To promote University of Richmond’s sustainability practices and programs on a local, regional, and national level.
7. To support the University of Richmond’s efforts to develop innovative practices that steward our environmental, human, and financial resources.


• Two faculty members from Arts & Science

• One faculty member each from Jepson School of Leadership Studies, Law, Robins School of Business, and School of Professional and Continuing Studies

• Director of Sustainability (ex officio)

• Provost (or his/her designee, ex officio)

• Vice President for Business and Finance (or appointee, ex officio)

• Two student representatives

• Associate Vice President of Facilities (or appointee)

• Associate Vice President for Campus Services (or appointee)

• Manager of Environmental Services (or appointee)

• University Engineer (ex officio)

• Two at-large staff members (appointed by the Provost and the Vice President for Business and Finance)

Subcommittees for 2017-2018

Academics Subcommittee: Functions as a resource for the promotion of sustainability literacy on campus and facilitates the creation of teaching and research opportunities for sustainability.

Campus Stewardship Subcommittee: Stewards the campus and local region through adoption of practices that minimize negative impact and maximize benefit of people and the natural world.

Culture Change Subcommittee: Promotes awareness and education of and for sustainability on campus and in the greater Richmond region.

SEAC subcommittees are chaired by a member of the committee. Subcommittee members of need not be members of the Sustainability and Environmental Awareness Committee. If you are interested in joining a SEAC subcommittee, email

Members of the Sustainability and Environmental Awareness Committee 2017-2018

• Sam Abrash, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies
• Rob Andrejewski, Director of Sustainability
• David Donaldson, Operations & Summer Programs Coordinator, Events, Conferences, & Support Services
• Joel Eisen, Professor of Law
• Amy Howard, AVP of Community Initiatives and the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement
• Dee Hardy, AVP for Campus Services
• Claire LeCornu, Student representative, Math and PPEL major
• Andrew McBride, AVP for Facilities, University Architect
• Miriam McCormick, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law
• Tim Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Economics
• Tom Roberts, AVP of Recreation and Wellness
• Andrew Schoeneman, Assistant Professor and Chair of Nonprofit Studies, School of Professional & Continuing Studies
• Carl Sorensen, AVP for Human Resources
• George Souleret, University Engineer
• Allison Steele, Manager of Custodial and Environmental Services
• Max Thornton, Student representative, History and International Studies major
• Chris von Rueden, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

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