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Over the next year, Gambles Mill Corridor and Little Westham Creek will be undergoing Eco-Corridor construction and stream restoration. This project is a prime example of campus stewardship that will improve the health of Little Westham Creek and the surrounding area for years to come. 

This project includes four components: construction of a multi-use recreational trail, removal of invasive plants, management of storm water, and restoration of Little Westham Creek.

Little Westham Creek and the land surrounding it perform critical functions in our watershed. Improvements made through the Eco-Corridor project align with a vision first described in the 2011 Campus Master Plan and is supported by our value of stewardship. The project also presents a tremendous opportunity for high impact educational practices. Continued study of Little Westham Creek and the effects of its restoration are a prime example of engaged scholarship with potential to inform real-world practices.

The finished Eco-Corridor will also feature a multi-use recreational trail between Westhampton Way and River Road.

Eco-Corridor Schedule (Tentative)

Goats & Invasive Plant Removal

The first phase of the Eco-Corridor construction is invasive plant removal. A herd of goats arrived on campus in April 2018 to help in this portion of the project. Though still novel, goat browsing is an increasingly common, environmentally-friendly landscape management practice that reduces need for herbicide and gas-powered equipment. An Anatolian Shepherd Dog will be placed with the goats to protect them from any potential dangers posed by wildlife. The animals will be on campus until July.

Please note that an electric fence will be used to remind the goats of their boundaries. A supplemental orange construction fence will be placed around the electric fence to make it visible. Avoid all contact with the fence. These are working animals, and we ask that you not attempt to feed or pet them. Please view them from a safe distance while they do their job.

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