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At the University of Richmond, sustainability means creating environmental, social, and economic conditions that foster health and well-being for people and the natural world in this generation and generations to come.

Building on a strong foundation of campus sustainability progress, the Office for Sustainability convenes diverse campus and community stakeholders in an effort to integrate the themes of sustainability, adaptation, and resilience into administrative, operational, and academic functions of the University. The Office for Sustainability is responsible for providing visionary leadership and support to the University of Richmond community as it charts a far-reaching course for sustainability and pursues its ambitious climate neutrality goals as part of the Climate Commitment.

In collaboration with campus partners, the Office for Sustainability provides leadership and guidance as the University integrates sustainability into short and long-range planning efforts.

Sustainability Leadership

-Collaborating with campus stakeholders to build and implement a cohesive sustainability vision.
-Serving as a catalyst for sustainability and facilitating integration of sustainability into the roles and responsibilities of campus stakeholders.
-Supporting meaningful progress toward the University’s strategic sustainability goals, including its ambitious climate neutrality goals as part of the Climate Commitment.
-Researching and maintaining a working knowledge of sustainability best practices, innovations, and lessons learned at peer and aspirant institutions.

Academic and Operational Integration, Culture Change, and Educational Outreach

-Providing support to faculty development of curricular initiatives that works to ensure that University of Richmond students are “sustainability literate.”
-Providing support to the University’s Facilities Division and other operational stakeholders in developing and implementing innovative solutions in the areas of procurement; waste management; energy and water management; building design, construction, and maintenance; dining; and transportation among others.
-Developing educational behavior change campaigns utilizing strategies such as community-based social marketing to expand sustainability awareness and grow a culture of sustainability.
-Collaborating with the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement to build a “living-learning program” that leverages the rich academic assets of the University by engaging faculty and students in research and hands-on learning rooted in issues directly affecting campus and the City of Richmond.

Initiative Management and Reporting

-Creating communication strategies to promote broad awareness of sustainability.
-Developing a University-wide process and organizational structure to support sustainability inquiry, change, and assessment.
-Developing or adopting metrics, tracking progress, and evaluating the effectiveness of all campus sustainability initiatives to ensure the University is prepared to meet its goals and shift course where needed.
-Managing the Sustainability Internship Program and implementation of the Sustainability Internship Seminar aimed at providing students a background in sustainability and support for running campus based programs; and exploring opportunities for keeping intern alumni engaged.
-Completing and submitting STARS, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate action plan reports.
-Promoting the University’s sustainability programs to both internal campus constituencies and external audiences.


Rob Andrejewski

Rob Andrejewski
Director of Sustainability
Office: (804) 287-1268

About Rob

Cassandra Collins

Cassandra Collins
Communications Coordinator  
Office: (804) 662-3016

Cassandra oversees the office's web, social media, and print communications. She also contributes to event planning, scheduling, and administrative tasks. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with degrees in Communication Arts and German, she went on to work with an international non-profit as their Communications Director. With a background in graphic design and social media management, she is excited to communicate the story of sustainability at University of Richmond from both institutional and individual perspectives. 

2016-2017 Sustainability Interns

Jenny Kearney

Jenny Kearney

Jenny is a sophomore studying PPEL (politics, philosophy, economics and law) with a concentration in Political Science and a History minor. She has always been interested in sustainability, springing from her lifelong love of travelling and the outdoors. Jenny currently operates as the dining intern at the Office for Sustainability, working on event planning, supporting dining initiatives around campus and overall trying to change the way the University Community views dining in terms of its global impact.

Ashley James

Ashley James

Ashley James is a Junior from Chester, VA majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Biology. She has been passionate about the environment since the third grade when she proudly declared that she wanted to be an environmentalist when she grew up. She works as an Office for Sustainability intern where she manages the UR Office Supply Exchange (UROSE) and assists with other office duties.

Don Edmonds

Don Edmonds

Don is a senior pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Geography. He first learned about the concept of sustainability in one of his Geography classes sophomore year and realized how important it is for the future of both society and the environment. As a student at UR, it is exciting for him to see how food, water, and energy sustainability are becoming more important topics among the student body. Don is glad to be working in the Office for Sustainability as the Academic and Supergroup intern where he gets to connect student groups with different sustainable projects going on all over campus.

Alice Allan

Alice Allan

Alice is a senior majoring in International Business and minoring in Spanish. She has always been interested in sustainability, as she believes it is an essential practice in order to secure the planet’s future. Alice hopes to use her business background in order to get into the renewable energy business and do her part to help promote sustainable energy. Here at the Office for Sustainability, she is the Energy Intern, responsible for working to educate about the on-campus solar array, exploring the feasibility of off-campus renewables, and being the point of contact for energy-related questions and information for student groups.

Paige Dunlap

Paige Dunlap

Paige is a junior pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Science and minoring in Geography from Wayne, Pennsylvania. She loves nature, especially plants, and is very passionate about conserving the outdoors. Her love of plants has evolved into a drive to spread awareness about sustainability and conservation across the student population. As the URSA intern for the Office of Sustainability, she works to recruit new Sustainability Advocates and organize weekly student meetings and events. URSA is a peer education group focuses on increasing recycling and facilitating the Green Room Program. She is really excited to expand and establish this student group this year!

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