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Green Office Program: Silver Checklist

After completing the bronze checklist, it's time to use the silver acheivement form to mark your office's commitments. Please check off the items your office has completed and have the form signed by at least two-thirds of your office, including someone from your office's management team.

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Silver Checklist

11 actions are required

Purchase sustainable office materials (i.e. made from recycled material).

Participate in the UR Office Supply Exchange (UROSE).

Recycle electronics, computer accessories, and other small electronics through IS.

Use power-saving energy settings for computers.

Power-down office prior to breaks and holidays.

Participate in the Departmental Bike Program through Recreation & Wellness.

Check with facilities for surplus inventory before ordering new furniture.

Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs or compact florescent bulbs.

Use only eco-friendly dish soap and other cleaning products.

Use reusable diningware on a daily basis and offer reusable materials to guests.

Follow sustainable event practices including no bottled water and no balloons.

Post information for alternatives to single-occupancy vehicle transportation.

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