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Become a Green Office

Take these steps to become a green office.

  1. Form a Green Team. Green Teams consist of people in your office who are interested in supporting sustainability at UR. Two-to-five people is a good size.
  2. Appoint a Green Team Leader. This person is responsible for ensuring that your office registers with the Office for Sustainability and will organize the team.
  3. Contact the Office for Sustainability to schedule a Green Office Program presentation. Use this opportunity to learn more about the program and sustainability and start thinking about how your office could complete the actions outlined by the program. (Note: This presentation is mandatory for certification and re-certification. Email to schedule your appointment.)
  4. When your office is ready to proceed, review the bronze checklist. Be sure to share the environmental impacts of each action and the the tools offered to help your office achieve each goal. Work with the Office for Sustainability to select additional office-specific goals and to have new checklist items approved.
  5. Complete the the checklist and submit to the Office for Sustainability. At least two-thirds of an office must sign the achievement form. After the achievement form is completed, the office will be listed as a Green Office on the sustainability website. The office will also receive a certificate to display.
  6. After completing the bronze checklist, begin work toward earning silver, and then gold.

All participating offices are required to resubmit annually to ensure continued participation. Current green offices should resubmit all checklists when resubmitting. For example, a gold office should resubmit bronze, silver, and gold checklists each year. Annual recertification serves to remind office staff of their commitments and provides an opportunity to educate any new staff.


Green Office Program Resource Guide

Bronze checklist

Silver checklist

Gold checklist

Office signs (Please print these signs on the back of already used paper to hang in your office)

Transition to Green Office 2.0

All offices that were certified under the original Green Office program must recertify each year. Please contact with any questions about the transition or with feedback on the updated program.

To recertify, please submit all checklists annually. If you are a Gold office, please submit the Bronze, Silver, and Gold checklists.