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Green Teams and the Green Office Program

The Green Office Program encourages behaviors that minimize environmental impact and promote a culture of sustainability for all UR staff and faculty. The items on the Green Office Program checklists allow employees to adopt actions that align with the University’s Climate Action Plan and Tailloires Declaration commitments.

The intent of the program is to...

  • Establish a culture of sustainability.
  • Build community within and across offices.
  • Provide tangible sustainability focused action items.
  • Educate the University community.
  • Help staff and faculty across UR do their part to meet University goals in all focus areas

How the program works

Offices that elect to participate work their way through three checklists - first bronze, then silver, and finally gold. Each checklist builds off of the accomplishments of the last, with the aim of creating a culture of sustainability within the office as the level of challenge increases. To earn recognition at any level, offices must complete the number of actions specified for that level (e.g., 12 out of 17 actions to achieve Bronze) and submit a signed achievement form to the Office for Sustainability. Offices re-certify annually to maintain their Green Office Program certification. You can get a comprehensive summary of the program and a peak at the items on each checklist through the Green Office Program Resource Guide.  

Certification lasts for one year. In order to accommodate new staff and update participants on the most up-to-date sustainability news, offices must participate in the Green Office Program presentation each year to re-certify. 

What Offices Can Join?

Employees throughout the entire University are invited to participate. This program has been designed to be flexible. Each office is encouraged to define its own space based on what is appropriate. You may want to certify an entire department or work toward certification within a subset of the department. Both options are welcomed. If your "office" does not easily fit within four walls, this program is still for you. Offices are encouraged to add additional checklist items to personalize the program. This enables each office to have the largest possible impact and to tailor the checklist to the office’s unique environment. Please discuss ideas for additional checklist items with the Sustainability Office prior to submitting the completed checklist.

History of the Program

USAC's sustainability committee and the Office for Sustainability established the Green Office Program in 2011 to get staff and faculty involved with conservation and sustainability on campus and in their offices. The program has grown to include over 30 administrative and academic offices. The Office for Sustainability continually updates and redesigns the program to better meet office needs and respond to feedback from participants across campus. Offices are invited to enroll and use the guidelines provided to expand the network of green offices across the University of Richmond. 

Become a Green Office

Interested in participating. Follow these easy steps to become a Green Office today. 

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