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Green Office Program: Gold Checklist

After completing the bronze and silver checklists, use the gold acheivement form to mark your office's commitments. Please check off the items your office has completed and have the form signed by at least two-thirds of your office, including someone from your office's management team.

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Gold Checklist

11 actions are required

Adhere to optimal energy saving temperature guidelines: set thermostat to 66-70°F in the winter and 74-78°F in the summer.

Consolidate office supply orders to a monthly order.

Eliminate bottled water or water service for daily use.

Unplug microwaves and coffee makers at night and when not in use; when needed, replace with Energy Star models.

Eliminate personal printers and scanners.

Purchase at least 30% recycled-content paper for external printing jobs.

Eliminate the use of space heaters.

Eliminate the use of disposable plates, cups, mugs, etc., at informal (non-catered) meetings.

Utilize reusable plates, glasses, and utensils at catered functions and office events.

Purchase offsets or choose low-carbon travel strategies when making work-related travel plans.

Track printing and set a goal to reduce by 10%.

Create online alternatives for publications and forms.

Encourage staff to participate in a sustainability webinar or other professional development or community-building opportunity.

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