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Research Opportunities

When the environment is your subject, research opportunities are abundant. So far, various departments in addition to the sciences have seized the opportunity to study the environment, including the departments of Journalism and Geography.

Journalism students got the chance to cover environmental issues and stories for the department’s online magazine. Geography students also had several opportunities to conduct research from examining globally important natural resources connected to the Amazonian region to compiling a report entitled “Climate Change and Student Behavior: Recommendations for the University of Richmond.”  

Faculty engaged in research related to sustainability:

  • Joel Eisen (Law)
  • Mary Finley-Brook (Geography)
  • Malcolm Hill (Biology)
  • Roni Kingsley (Biology)
  • David Kitchen (SCPS)
  • Todd Lookingbill (Geography)
  • Noah Sachs (Law)
  • David Salisbury (Geography)
  • Peter Smallwood (Biology)
  • Christopher Stevenson (Chemistry)
  • Amy Treonis (Biology)
  • Carrie Wu (Biology)
  • Andrew Yates (Economics)